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City of Melbourne finishes maintenance blitz

The City of Melbourne has undertaken a maintenance blitz throughout Victoria’s latest lockdown, with essential workers repairing roads, filling potholes and fixing footpaths.

The quiet streets have helped create excellent conditions for crews to perform maintenance and repair work, as well as ramping up waste collection.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said getting the basics right and keeping people in jobs was vital during this tough period.

“Our Citywide crews and dedicated staff have been working seven days a week to ensure Melbourne is in top shape once restrictions are lifted,” Capp said.

“In the past week alone our crews have undertaken more than 250 repair and maintenance jobs, which highlights our focus on getting the basics right,” the Lord Mayor said.

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“In the past month our crews have completed 650 jobs, including 373 jobs to repair potholes and roads and fixing 68 damaged footpaths.”

In July, the City of Melbourne’s Citywide team has also collected more than 1700 tonnes of waste and 507 tonnes of recycling.

Of the 664 jobs attended as part of the maintenance blitz, 373 jobs related to road surface repairs, 126 jobs related to street furniture repair or maintenance and 68 jobs related to damaged or unsafe footpaths.

Capp said the City of Melbourne prioritised essential services during lockdown.

“As we come out of lockdown and restrictions ease we want the city to be sparkling to help give confidence to businesses and residents that Melbourne’s future remains strong,” she said.

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