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Bentley Systems and Topcon launch new joint venture company

Bentley Systems and positioning technology company Topcon have created a new jointly owned company that aims to close the gap between construction and engineering.

Bentley Systems and positioning technology company Topcon have created a new jointly owned company that aims to close the gap between construction and engineering.

The company, called Digital Construction Works, is its own separate and independent entity, and provides digital automation, integration and digital twin services using a portfolio of software and cloud services from Bentley Systems, Topcon and other software vendors.

The company’s overall aim is to industrialise construction and deliver better design-build outcomes by embedding experts within constructor’s major project teams.

Digital Construction Works will also use digital integration services to connect and automate constructors existing processes.

Experiences gained from this will then be used to help guide Bentley Systems and Topcon in prioritising their software development investments.

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Digital Construction Works will be led by CEO Ted Lamboo, previously senior vice president of strategic partnerships for Bentley Systems, and COO Jason Hallett, formerly vice president of digital construction and business development for Topcon.

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said when the two companies recognised the opportunity for constructioneering to industrialise capital project delivery, they committed to completing its software requirements.

“Indeed, our new software capabilities make possible construction digital twins—converging digital context, digital components, and digital chronology. What remains, in going digital for infrastructure construction, is for constructors’ people and processes to take advantage of the technology,” Bentley said.

“We and Topcon have now in turn committed many of our best resources, professionals experienced in both construction and software, to serve shoulder-to-shoulder, in virtual hardhats, to innovatively advance the required digital integration.

“The Digital Construction Works joint venture has the full management and capital commitments of both our companies, multiplying its unique strengths for helping to realise constructioneering’s potential to close the world’s infrastructure gap.”

Topcon Positioning Systems President and CEO Ray O’Connor said what Topcon and Bentley Systems initiated in recent years was done in the spirit of changing mindsets and processes on how construction is approached, which is what led to the development of the joint venture.

“The creation of Digital Construction Works perfectly aligns with our focus of helping the industry succeed in meeting infrastructure demands through technological innovations,” O’Connor said.

“Through the new organisation, companies will have the opportunity to integrate hardware and software capabilities to more quickly and efficiently adopt new technology for more rapid productivity improvements. With customised services to address the individual needs of an organisation, widespread adoption and technology improvements can be more readily realised.

“We are excited to take this journey with Bentley Systems in moving the industry forward.”

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