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“Olympics of Engineering” begins in Melbourne

Engineering from around the world is on display at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for the World Engineers Convention.

Engineering from around the world is on display at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre as part of the World Engineers Convention.

Held every four years 2019 is the first time the event, which is also referred to as the “Olympics of Engineering” has been held in Australia.

It aims to provide an opportunity for engineers to advance technical knowledge, network and tackle some of the big issues facing the world.

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas, World Federation of Engineering Organisations President Marlene Kanga and Engineers Australia President Trish White opened the event.

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The convention has six themes aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help address issues like poverty, inequality and climate change.

More than 500 speakers and participants from more than 70 countries are in attendance.

“Experts from every region will present the latest innovative and human centric technologies for better living, solutions for climate change mitigation and diversity and inclusion, proposals for capacity building especially for young engineers and on governance and leadership,” Kanga said.

“I hope that this event will lead to discovery and inspiration and perhaps a Eureka moment.

“The collaborative approach among the international experts that are here in Melbourne this week will, I am sure, be a powerful catalyst to develop the best solutions that the world needs.”

White said tapping into the global expertise of this conference will help engineers lead with better solutions for sustainable energy provision, making our cities function more effectively, improving human health and more.

“Modern engineering practice is driving uptake of innovative technologies applied with a fresh human lens to the grand challenges of our nations, our economies, our people, and our planet.”

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