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New Victorian hazardous waste recycling facility to be built

NSW commits $3B to build $100B construction jobs pipeline

Remondis Australia will build a new $9 million recycling facility in Victoria to help reduce the risks of hazardous waste storage.

The facility, to be built in Dandenong, will be able to process a third of the state’s solvent waste each year.

It is expected to be the biggest of its kind in Victoria and among the largest in Australia.

Cleaning solvents, inks and paints will be recycled into secondary cleaning liquids used in spray guns, alternative fuels and raw solvent material.

Around 29,000 tonnes of recyclable liquid hazardous waste that is disposed of each year in Victoria. Reducing this would also cut down on fire, health and environmental risks, if managed appropriately.

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Remondis Australia will build three distillation units within the new facility which will be able to process up to 9600 tonnes of hazardous solvent waste once up and running in 2024.

The Victorian Government will contribute $1.3 million to the project, with a further $10.2 million available for companies looking to invest in hazardous waste management.

“We’re taking the important steps needed to reduce the risks of hazardous waste management – recycling it where we can means we’re building a cleaner, greener state – creating jobs and generating new value for the Victorian economy,” Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said.

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