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New range of high-performance winches for Potain cranes released

Manitowoc have released a new range of high-performance lifting (HPL) winches for Potain tower cranes, which brings new levels of speed, control and efficiency to the industry.

With an innovative design and the latest in frequency-controlled technology, the winches offer optimised energy consumption combined with a greater choice of hoisting speeds.

Productivity is dramatically increased, as lifting speeds are up to twice that of the older 75 LVF winch. Control for the new winches is also improved with creep speeds that are two times slower than the 75 LVF.

These features, in combination with new motor brake management and new architecture that facilitates maintenance operations, mean the HPL winches not only speed up construction times, but also improve overall driving comfort, build quality and precision load placement.

The improved performance comes with optimised operational costs, as power consumption is reduced, and maintenance made easier. Additionally, with Power Control functionality, it is possible to limit the maximum electric power that is required for operating a crane without impact low-load and no-load working speeds.

The models in the new winch range are the 75 HPL 25, the 75 HPL 30, the 75 HPL 35 and the 75 HPL 40.

Rope capacities range from 539m to 956m and they can be used with a wide range of Potain cranes, including the latest topless and luffing jib models from the company.

Compatible models include the MDT 349 L16, the MDT 389 L16, the MR 295 H16, the MR 225A, the MDT 249 J12 and the MDT 269 J10.

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