Cranes & Lifting

Liftwerx launch new crane to handle supersized turbines

Liftwerx has launched a new crane called the BoxHook, which is designed for the industry’s biggest turbines – capable of lifting machines ranging from 3MW to 8MW in size and has a capacity of 100 tonnes.

The BoxHook has the ability to lift turbines onto towers at heights up to 175m. The new crane will also help drive down repair costs for both onshore and offshore turbines, according to Liftwerx.

“The BoxHook is easy to assemble using one of the company’s GenHook cranes,” Liftwerx said.

“Once mounted, the BoxHook can perform corrective repairs for gearboxes, generators, transformers, and other major components.

“In offshore environments, repairs can be carried out using a smaller up-tower crane, as opposed to a costly jackup crane vessel.”