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Kalmar equipment upgrade – small changes that make a big difference

Kalmar customers have never had more options for boosting the efficiency of their machines in terms of safety, productivity, eco-efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Every equipment purchase is carefully considered, but a customer’s requirements – and even their business strategy – can change during the lifetime of a machine. To ensure that its equipment continues to meet customer needs, Kalmar has expanded the range of upgrade options available to their customers.

“The objective is to support the customer, optimising their operations as their requirements change as a result of new processes or new use cases,” explained Hanna Kosunen, product portfolio manager, Kalmar Services.

Forty equipment upgrade kits available

Upgrades are categorised according to four main areas – safety, productivity, eco-efficiency and regulation – and Kalmar pro-actively monitors customer needs to ensure that they derive maximum benefit from their upgrade.

Approximately 40 equipment upgrades are available, ranging from speed limiters that restrict the speed at which equipment can be operated, which helps to reduce wear and tear, as well as fuel consumption, to a solution that helps meet SOLAS requirements by enabling equipment to automatically measure the precise weight of a container.

Other options include central greasing to ensure key components are always fully lubricated, a load counter that displays the number of lifts performed, blue safety lights that automatically switch on when the driver engages in reverse gear and cameras that increase safety.

“Even the most modest upgrade can have a significantly impact on operational efficiency, so every customer can find something to enhance the safety, productivity, eco-efficiency and regulatory compliance of their operations,” Kosunen added.

Upgrades made easy

Upgrades are designed to be easy to implement. Some will significantly change the operational scope of the machine, such as changing the spreader on a reachstacker to a hook, and most are already available as options on new machines.

Customers can further optimise their operations by upgrading and connecting their fleet to Kalmar Insight.

“This cloud-based analytical tool aggregates operational business data from equipment fleet, terminal operating and maintenance management systems into an accessible and understandable format, providing a real-time view of productivity and performance,” Kosunen concluded.

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