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HIAB expands its loader crane portfolio with new building material crane models

HIAB is launching its new building material crane models at the IAA exhibition in Hannover, Germany, which the company says offers the HIAB HiPro – an advanced remote-control system, as well as HIAB’s pioneering features, all to ensure safe and fast crane operation.

“Every construction business faces unique demands,” said Hans Ohlsson director, medium range cranes at HIAB.

“When we developed these new crane models, our customers’ needs on construction sites were the guiding factor in our research and development work.

“At HIAB, safety always comes first and that is why these cranes feature HIAB’s innovative Crane Tip Control (CTC), which lets even novice operators perform complicated movements to deliver the load from point A to point B, simply and safely.

“The Load Stability System automatically compensates for unintentionally excessive lever operation, protecting the operator, the surrounding environment and the crane.”

The capacity of the new building material cranes varies from 13-20tm, and the high-speed extensions enable long outreach and ensure faster operation.

All new models are equipped with HIAB’s well-known steering options. The HIAB L-HiPro 145, L-HiPro 195 and L-HiPro 235 models all come equipped with the HIAB HiPro advanced remote-control system.

“The end result is a Hiab crane that offers the operator the possibility of delivering more during the day,” Ohlsson said.

“The HiPro offers the highest speed and precision. It has been designed to provide ultra-quick and ultra-smooth response and is able to support a high number of simultaneous movements.”

The new building material crane models have also been designed for easier day-to-day maintenance. Key parts and components requiring regular attention are easily accessible.

With HIAB’s large global service network, the company ensures fast and professional maintenance of HIAB cranes when needed.

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