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Tenders open to build world’s longest dog fence

Tenders are open to rebuild the $25 million South Australian Dog Fence, which spans 2150 kilometres and will require 71,000 timber posts, 127,500 steel droppers and more than 7000 kilometres of wire.

The New South Wales Government has opened a multi-million-dollar construction tender to build the world’s longest wild dog fence on the state’s border.

The $17 million tender’s scope includes a 742-kilometre extension of the NSW Border Wild Dog Fence. It was launched following the completion of the pilot site near Hungerford.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro said businesses in regional NSW are encouraged to apply.

“Most of regional NSW is still recovering from COVID, bushfires and the worst drought on record so using local businesses in the bush to build the fence is a top priority for the NSW Government,” Barilaro said.

“The construction of this significant project will provide stimulus to regional communities which is great news for local contractors and workers.

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“The NSW Government has taken steps to assist regional businesses in the tender process by creating a panel of suppliers who will be able to quote on individual stages of the build.”

Agriculture and Western NSW Minister Adam Marshall said the next phase of construction through the tender process would build on the completion of the 15-kilometre-long pilot site near Hungerford, which used local contractors and materials sourced from Bourke.

“The priority pilot site has been an invaluable exercise for the overall project as it has allowed the project team to test and evaluate its systems prior to the main phase of construction commencing,” Marshall said.

“Through this process we used local companies, including those employing Indigenous Australian contractors from Enngonia, and all the materials were sourced from a business in Bourke.

“Once the extension is complete the NSW Border Wild Dog Fence will be more than doubled in length to 1325 km, with the fence fortress to serve as a titanic tool for NSW landholders in the fight against pests and predators.”

The total project is expected to cost around $37.5 million, with the NSW Government to pay for all costs associated with the planning, assessments, set-out and construction of the fence.

The tender is available on the NSW Government’s suppliers website, with applications closing on 2 February, 2021.

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