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NT releases $10M tender for flood mitigation works

A new Northern Territory-based $500 million methanol plant could see the creation of 1000 construction jobs.

The Northern Territory Government has released the first stage of tenders for the construction of flood mitigation embankment and wall levees in Katherine North.

The 2021 Territory Budget includes $10 million for the Katherine Flood Mitigation works.

The measures aim to increase Katherine’s flood resilience and improve flood protection of Katherine residential areas in flooding events up to a 1 in 20-year event.

Flood modelling has identified that the levee banks and upgraded drainage will provide the greatest reduction in flood impact for the smaller flood events.

The final levee works includes a combination of earth embankments, concrete walls, and a temporary levee for road crossings.

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The northern section flood levee is the first stage of works and will run from the northern side of Knotts Crossing Resort and Caravan Park and prevent overflows from Lockheed Drain during the 20-year (72 hr) flood event.

The second stage of works in Katherine South will be a separate tender anticipated for release in 2022.

NT Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Minister Eva Lawler said the Government is progressing the Katherine Flood Mitigation Project.

“We remember the Katherine flood in January 1998 where more than 1,000 square kilometres were covered in water. This government does not want see something like that again,” Lawler said.

“Investing in this project will not only support jobs and local business, it will also protect residents, their properties and their businesses into the future from flooding events.”

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