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Fulton Hogan joins group to tender for renewable energy

The Victorian Government has released new planning guidelines for large scale solar farms to inform decision makers, developers and communities.

Fulton Hogan has joined a group of Melbourne universities and business to support renewable energy through a power purchase tender.

The purchasing group includes RMIT University, Deakin University, CBUS Property, ISPT Property, Mondelez Australia and Citywide Asphalt.

It follows the initial Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP1), which was the first time in Australia a large-scale group of energy users collectively purchased renewable electricity through this model. It led to a 90 megawatt, 39-turbine wind farm being built near Ararat.

The most recent initiative is the second Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP2) and aims to purchase 113 gigawatts of energy, enough to power 25,000 households for a year, from a large-scale project in Victoria.

Agreements have been facilitated by the City of Melbourne, a founding partner of Sustainability Victoria’s climate change pledge program – Take 2.

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The MREP2 tender was released on 22 November 2019. It is seeking supply of renewable power from a new or existing generator within Victoria for up to 10 years. The call for response to the tender is the first in a series of milestones that will take place.

Once the winning tender is chosen, each member of the purchasing group will enter into a separate long-term electricity supply contract for renewable electricity.

“All the partner organisations are committed to emissions reduction, carbon neutrality or renewable energy purchasing,” said Fulton Hogan National Sustainability Manager Rory Bracken.

“This project could lead to university buildings, office buildings and manufacturing facilities, such as our local asphalt plants and quarries, being powered using renewable energy.

“Now the MREP2 project will enable us to do more than just investigate an option; along with the partner organisations we have the opportunity to source our Victorian electricity needs from renewable sources, supporting the renewable energy sector and reducing our carbon emissions by approximately 6000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.”

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