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Contractors selected for $25M Dog Fence rebuild

Tenders are open to rebuild the $25 million South Australian Dog Fence, which spans 2150 kilometres and will require 71,000 timber posts, 127,500 steel droppers and more than 7000 kilometres of wire.

The South Australian Government has announced the successful contractors and suppliers for its $25 million Dog Fence rebuild.

The South Australian Dog Fence is a 5400 kilometres fence that protects the sheep industry from wild dogs and dingos, stretching across the state from the Great Australian Bight, to New South Wales and north across Queensland to the Darling Downs.

More than two thirds of the fence if more than 100 years old, with many sections damaged by kangaroos, emus, feral camels, wild dogs, weather events and sand erosion.

An independent economic analysis by BDO EconSearch found that replacing the ageing sections could benefit the state.

The tender process was open to applications from suppliers and contractors to provide the materials required to rebuild the Dog Fence, including delivery to depots, and fending contractors.

The successful suppliers are:

  • Bunnings Group Ltd
  • Clipex
  • Elders Rural Services Australia Ltd
  • Far West Rural Supplies Pty Ltd
  • JMA Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Kowald Industries
  • Landmark
  • Lienert Engineering
  • Platinum Ag Services
  • Procurex Pty Ltd
  • Senturion Steel Supplies
  • The Big Steel
  • YP Agriservices Pty Ltd

The successful contractors are:

  • A&K Rural Contractors Pty Ltd
  • Birubi Australia Pty Ltd
  • Burra Fencing Contractors
  • Dixon Fencing Pty Ltd
  • Indelmir Contractors Pty Ltd
  • Kowald Industries
  • MG & R Harris
  • Mount Charlotte Trust & Figure 8 Contracting
  • RN & SA Hatch Fencing Contractors
  • RNCO Co.
  • SA Outback Company Pty Ltd
  • SE & DJ Wright & Son Pty Ltd
  • Vas Martin

Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister Tim Whetstone said the companies who will be involved in the $25 million rebuild of the South Australian Dog Fence have been appointed to panels and are now able to bid for projects in the next round of works.

“There were many local suppliers who put their hands up to be involved in the rebuild, and it’s great to see more than half of the successful applicants are based in South Australia,” Whetstone said.

“Their knowledge and expertise of the South Australian landscape combined with successful national suppliers will be invaluable to the rebuild of the dog fence.

“Construction of the dog fence will happen in stages with the successful businesses on the list being able to submit tenders to supply services for each section.”

The project is funded by a $10 million State Government investment, a $10 million Federal Government investment and a $5 million contribution from the livestock industry.

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