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Construction tender for Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre released

Queensland tradies are being encouraged to take advantage of a $37.6 million training package to help the improve skills for big infrastructure projects.

Tenders have been released to build the $13.7 million redevelopment of the Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre.

It follows the completion of the design phase for the project and is expected to support 65 local jobs.

The redevelopment will include a new reception, security and screening area for all visitors and staff. Scanning technology will be included to minimise the need for physical searches of young people, visitors, service providers and staff.

The height of the external perimeter fencing will be increased to 5.4 metres, constructed of anti-climb mesh to ensure the facility remains secure. A cowl topper will be installed on the majority of the external fencing to provide security reinforcement and deterrence.

A new learning hub and vocational education and training (VET) area will be constructed to enable the delivery of courses and hands-on learning. A fully equipped kitchen aims to support young people advance life skills while equipping them with VET qualifications.

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In addition, a new visitor facility will be built to encourage family access along with new visitor and service provider spaces with video conferencing. This will allow young people in the centre to host conferences with family members, police, case workers and lawyers.

A new medical and health centre will help to deliver treatment required for young people in detention and the accommodation blocks will be reconfigured to reduce the reliance on shared bedrooms, improving the safety and security of the site.

“Every person in Alice Springs has the right to feel safe and expect their homes, businesses and property to be secure. Every single day this Government is listening to the concerns of people in Alice Springs and we are taking action,” said Territory Families Minister Dale Wakefield.

“The construction of the redeveloped Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre will create opportunities for young people to turn their lives around and stop reoffending.”

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