Asset management capability, the key to long-term infrastructure success

Imagine if potholes never got filled, bridges weren’t maintained, streetlights weren’t fixed and there was no such thing as a sewage system.  These are all assets, and thankfully there are professionals who manage and maintain these assets to ensure they are safe, protected from damage, changing climate conditions, and ensure they are performing at an …

Standards Australia has published new specifications for aluminium composite panels (ACP) to help identify them following fires at Lacrosse and Grenfell.

Construction forecast for 2021-2022

Everyone wants a recovery in 2021. And, according to Alex Carrick, Chief Economist, ConstructConnect, there will be a recovery in 2021, but it will be uneven. For example, travel and tourism will not see a recovery. “The airline sector is tumbling further,” says Carrick. “Tourism and business travel are far below normal. Security clearances at …