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Link-Belt launches TCC-1200 telescopic crawler crane

Link-Belt has announced an upgrade to base rating of its 110 tonne telescopic crawler crane to 120 tonne, with the shipments of the new TCC-1200 rolling out in the fourth quarter of this year.

A common lower carbody to the TCC-1400 has improved efficiency of production and provided an upgrade in base rating from the previous TCC-1100 telescopic crawler crane.

“This new TCC-1200 has earned its 120USt badge,” said Scott Knight, product manager for lattice and telescopic crawler cranes.

“We tested and passed the new base rating at the same radius as the original 110USt.”

It has a full-power telescopic boom, with a main boom height of 40-150ft. Teflon wear pucks eliminate boom grease, and the boom is manufactured with ultra-high-strength steel. It comes with three tracks options – extended (18ft and two inches), intermediate (15ft and eight inches), and retracted (11ft and 11 inches).

An optional wireless remote control system is now available for the new TCC-1200 and TCC-1400. The wireless remote provides a solution for industries and other operations where required, and allows the operator to be out of the cab and still have control of the crane.

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