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Major housing project planned for Milingimbi

The Northern Territory Government plans to build 32 new homes and upgrade 20 others in Milingimbi in the Crocodile Islands archipelago.

A staged sixty-lot subdivision will also be built to prepare for the new houses.

Works will be carried out over the coming years as part of the Territory Government’s remote housing and land servicing programs, which include HomeBuild NT and Room to Breathe.

“These works will provide more homes as well as extensions and upgrades to improve liveability and ease overcrowding because we know decent homes are fundamental to better health, education, employment and social outcomes,” Local Government, Housing and Community Development Minister Gerry McCarthy said.

“As with all homes built under Territory Labor’s innovative remote housing program, local workers will be brought on board to boost skills development and employment opportunities.”

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Housing development in the East Arnhem community had been on hold due to a critical water shortage but recent studies revealed the groundwater yield was significantly higher than previously understood.

Improved infrastructure and water conservation measures, implemented in cooperation with the community, have ensured a sustainable water supply while further resources studies are undertaken.

A tranche of additional water capacity has been allocated to the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Services, meaning priority development can now proceed.

A project is also underway to expand Milingimbi’s groundwater supply to further support the housing program on the island.

“While water security issues have plagued the Milingimbi community for many years, Power and Water has been resolute in its quest for a solution,” Renewables, Energy and Essential Services Minister Dale Wakefield said.

“We continue to engage with the community and broader stakeholders to offer the necessary water security to enable future housing developments.”

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