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Bentley Systems acquires AR2Tech

Bentley Systems’ Seequent business unit has acquired US-based Advanced Resources and Risk Technology, LLC (AR2Tech), a developer of geostatistical software applications.

The acquisition provides Seequent with advanced geostatistics algorithms, technology, and IP for complex geospatial problem solving, complementing its geological modelling solutions and workflows, to help solve earth, environmental, and resources challenges.

AR2Tech’s algorithms and workflows for cloud and desktop enable users to create and optimise a diverse set of models, even with millions of cells, without performance bottlenecks.

Its algorithm library can be applied to a wide range of geostatistical modelling and data science methods, supporting functions that are data-centric and rely on machine learning. Solutions can be used stand alone or integrated with other software, including Seequent’s Leapfrog 3D geological modelling solutions.

Mining companies use AR2Tech’s solutions for geostatistical modelling for conditional simulation and estimation models of complex orebodies, with algorithms customised for specific deposits. Environmental sciences professionals use customised workflows for data management, spatial evaluation, and risk assessment, designed for applications including stochastic simulation of the subsurface for water modelling, sampling evaluation and strategy, integration of remote sensing data in the geostatistical model, and characterisation of pollutants.

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Seequent chief executive officer Graham Grant said the company is delighted to welcome the elite and talented AR2Tech team in Denver and Brazil.

“AR2Tech’s technology stack and world-leading expertise in geostatistics, geomodelling, and spatial data integration strengthen Seequent’s capabilities in these areas,” Grant said.

“The acquisition will help accelerate our development of new geostatistics solutions and create seamless end-to-end workflows with Seequent’s advanced modelling solutions. We’re excited to make this investment for our mining, environmental, civil, and energy users to take geomodelling to the next level.”

AR2Tech founder Alexandre Boucher said the company is proud to be joining Seequent and sharing its cloud-first approach to solving geosciences challenges.

“With Seequent, we will realise our goal of bringing the next generation of geostatistical algorithms to the geomodelling community,” Boucher said.

“We have developed and optimised algorithms for geomodelling for over a decade, including conditional simulations for risk and uncertainty studies. Combining forces with Seequent, we can create new practical and accessible solutions for geoscience professionals.”

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