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Why sheet and brace solutions are increasingly popular

Major players in the construction industry are searching for turnkey temporary works solutions to streamline delivery and improve project outcomes. When it comes to excavation work, companies like Coates Hire are leading the way in providing complete sheet and brace solutions that include both equipment hire and specialist engineering support.

Here’s why these solutions are increasingly popular in today’s industry.

What is sheeting?

Sheeting is used to support the sides of an excavation and prevent its collapse. Sheet piling is one of the most effective techniques. The sheet piles are generally made from steel (wood and vinyl are less common) and they’re designed to be durable and stable.

Interlocking sheet piles are driven into the ground with vibratory hammers to create a continuous retaining wall, with anchors used to provide additional lateral support. Bracing is used to support these piles. Sheet piling is used on basement excavations, pump stations, cofferdams, tank farms, pipe trenches, and more.

What is a sheet and brace solution?

A sheet and brace solution allows customers to bundle together a range of shoring equipment, such as sheet piles, excavator mounted vibrators and bracing systems, with a team of engineers who can design, manage and oversee implementation.

This end-to-end solution includes skilled operators who can install sheet piling solutions safety, as well as technical engineering support to resolve any issues quickly. Engineered solutions also allow for efficient and cost-effective sheet piling designs to keep project timing and budgets on track.

With sheet and brace solutions, customers can also benefit from tender support that includes scheme and budget costing for estimators and planners. Other services include method statements, safe work statements and risk assessments, as well as internal and third-party engineering certification for design and installation.


Why do businesses want complete solutions?

Construction projects are complex, with contractors and specialists each having their own equipment, services and support. The bigger the team, the more complex the project delivery.

Sheet and brace solutions essentially provide a one-stop-shop for shoring. A single point of contact can deliver information and reports on all steps of the project, from conceptual design, right through to inspection, maintenance, and de-installation after the work is complete. It improves accountability for project delivery and ensures highly responsive troubleshooting if anything goes wrong.

Partnering with a solutions provider helps minimise risk and improve project outcomes. Customers can not only benefit from sheet and brace solutions, but working with specialist companies also gives them access to other temporary works solutions – including structural propping, synchronous hydraulic jacking, site dewatering and water management.

So if you need groundworks shoring on your next project, consider engaging a specialist firm like Coates Hire to provide a complete sheet and brace solution.

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