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Standards Australia now digital

Standards Australia has unveiled a new digital framework to give key industries easier access to Australian standards to restore confidence in the built environment.

Standards help ensure products, services and systems in Australia are safe, consistent and reliable, and cover things like consumer products, to construction, information technology and the environment.

Industry, Science and Technology Minister Karen Andrews said the new digital framework is a positive step forward towards improving standards accessibility.

“Digital technology is increasingly being used at home and work to make life easier, as well as boost productivity and efficiency,” Andrews said.

“It no longer makes sense to have such important guides only accessible in hard copy or at the local library. This framework will help bring it to the work site and into regional areas.

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“For example, these changes could put standards in the palm of a tradie’s hand on a construction site via an app on their phone, meaning faster and more efficient safety outcomes.”

Andrews said implementing Australian and international standards sets minimum specifications, stimulating trade and enabling local businesses to sell their products around the worlds.

The move to digitise the standards follows the work of the Building Ministers’ Forum, and aims to rebuild confidence in Australian construction.

Standards Australia CEO Adrian O’Connell said this was an exciting step forward.

“We believe this new framework will help increase the value and drive wider use of standards everywhere.”

“Enabling the digital use of our content will have long term benefits in sectors like building and construction. With the work being done by the Building Ministers’ Forum we are excited about partnerships that drive value and improve quality in construction to make it easier for tradies to do their jobs across the country.”

Master Builders Australia CEO Denita Wawn welcomed the new framework.

“It’s good to see Standards Australia is moving to boost the availability of standards to our industry. We hope this is also a pathway to improving useability and affordability,” she said.

A copy of the new framework can be found at www.standards.org.au

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