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Victoria reintroduces Trade Papers for tradies

The Victorian Government has reintroduced Trade Papers to help employers find skilled workers.

It is part of a $43.8 million investment which also seeks to implement new independent assessments, update teaching materials and create quality apprenticeships for the modern economy.

Trade Papers are certificated awarded to those who successfully complete formal training through an apprenticeship and aim to signal to employers and customers that the person can apply occupational skills on a job site.

By implementing this system, the Victorian Government aims to help make it easier for apprentices find a job.

An additional $49.8 million has been invested into the state’s school-based apprentices and trainees through Head Start, a new model that aims to support students to stay at school and finish their VCAL, VCE or apprenticeship.

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“Trade Papers show future employers that you are skilled up and ready to get to work straight away – that’s why we’ve brought them back,” Minister for Southern Metropolitan Nina Taylor said.

“There’s never been a better time to take up a trade and we’re making sure apprentices are recognised with a certificate,” Member for Bentleigh Nick Staikos said.

Minister for Training and Skills and Higher Education Gayle Tierney presented Trade Papers to three tradespeople in the running to represent the country as part of the “Skillaroos” squad at the Worldskills Championships in Russia later this year.

“Trade Papers are much more than a piece of paper to hang on the wall – they are an official certification that graduates can be proud of and employers can trust,” Tierney said.

“We’re restoring Trade Papers so that tradespeople get the recognition for their skills that they deserve.”

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