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Autodesk unveils AI technology for design and construction

Autodesk unveils AI technology

Autodesk has announced the launch of Autodesk AIan intelligent technology designed to unlock creativity, address challenges and streamline productivity across sectors in the construction industry and beyond.

Autodesk AI, available in Autodesk products and native to its Design and Make Platform, offers intelligent assistance and generative capabilities. This empowers users to imagine and explore without constraints, yielding precise, accurate and innovative outcomes.

Andrew Anagnost, president and chief executive officer at Autodesk, said the company views artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for empowering its customers to effectively tackle the challenges they face and turn them into opportunities.

“Autodesk AI is the assistant that lowers the learning curve for designers and engineers, supercharges their productivity, and accelerates innovation,” said Anagnost.

Benefiting from the expertise of seasoned professionals at the forefront of AI research, Autodesk stands in a unique position to drive the ongoing evolution of AI in architecture, engineering and construction. The Autodesk AI Lab has, to date, published over 60 peer-reviewed research papers advancing AI and generative AI.

“AI is the future of design and make, and Autodesk is pioneering this transition,” said Anagnost. “We sit at the junction of many of the most creative and impactful industries in the world.”

“We’ll continue to invest in AI because of its transformational potential to drive better outcomes for our customers’ businesses and the world.”

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Autodesk AI enables customers to meet the challenges of constructing new buildings and highways, manufacturing products and smart devices, and creating compelling media and entertainment. It goes beyond productivity enhancement, providing customers with tools that inspire greater ambition and creativity.

In the upcoming 2024 State of Design and Make special report on AI, 77 per cent of companies surveyed say they are planning to increase or strongly increase investment in AI in the next three years. Of the leaders surveyed, 66 per cent agree that in two to three years AI will be essential.

Raji Arasu, chief technology officer at Autodesk said: “With a commitment to security and ethical AI practices, we’re focused on delivering responsible AI solutions that address our customers’ needs.”

“Autodesk AI will continue to surface across the Autodesk platform – both in our existing products and our industry clouds – to enable better ways of designing and making.”

Autodesk AI is now available across the Autodesk portfolio, with new capabilities in constant development. The technology augments creative exploration and problem-solving; automates repetitive tasks to minimise errors and free up time; and analyses complex project data to offer predictive insights.

For architecture, engineering and construction: 

  • Autodesk Forma provides rapid wind, noise and operational energy analysis so users can make smart early-stage planning and design decisions that improve outcomes.
  • In InfoDrainage, the Machine Learning Deluge Tool gives feedback on the best placement for retention ponds and swales to help prevent or reduce the impact of water disasters.
  • AutoCAD leverages AI to help drafters iterate faster by reading handwritten and digital markups. It determines the intent of the user to recommend context-aware actions to easily incorporate changes.
  • Construction IQ harnesses AI to predict, prevent and manage construction risks that might impact quality, safety, cost or schedule.

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