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Victoria streamlines Armadale Train Line project with smart tech

Victoria streamlines Armadale Train Line project with smart tech

Western Australia’s Transport Minister Rita Saffioti has confirmed the successful completion of all planned works in preparation for the transformation of the Armadale Train Line.

The Armadale Train Line will shut on Monday, 20 November 2023, marking the commencement of one of the most significant public transport infrastructure projects in the state’s history.

“The transformation we’re delivering to the Armadale Train Line represents one of the biggest public transport infrastructure projects our state has ever seen – and while it will deliver significant benefits, it’s critical we support communities that will be impacted during the shut,” said Minister Saffioti.

“Smart technology is going to be front and centre in our response and will play a critical role in ensuring we keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible during the train line shut.

“This train line and corridor has been plagued by a lack of investment in the past, but our State Government is getting on with the job of delivering the infrastructure that will support these communities for decades to come.”

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For the past 18 months, government transport agencies have meticulously planned for the Armadale Train Line shutdown, which involves implementing replacement bus services and upgrading the road network.

The State Government’s measures include the installation of intelligent transport systems to improve overall traffic flow and optimise bus movements. Over 100 additional buses have been introduced into the network, accompanied by the expansion and improvement of 12 bus routes. Further, three new temporary bus interchanges have been established in Armadale, Cannington and Victoria Park.

Additional measures include the allocation of 1.2 kilometres of new priority bus lanes along the Albany Highway and Shepparton Road and establishment of a dedicated Main Roads Incident Response Service for Shepperton Road/Albany Highway. To further improve safety and traffic flow, additional right-turning restrictions have been imposed on key arterial routes.

As part of the intelligent transport systems, virtual receivers have been deployed at approximately 40 traffic signals to monitor bus movements in real time. These receivers automatically increase green traffic signal times by up to 30 seconds, facilitating the smooth flow of buses through signalised intersections.

Digital Variable Message Signs will be installed at six key locations on the road network to provide drivers with up-to-the-minute travel times for different routes.

Main Roads has also announced the release of a new app – Traffic ALT – to assist drivers during the Armadale Line closure. This app is designed to integrate with a driver’s hands-free phone or car stereo Bluetooth, delivering audio updates on key information such as current traffic congestion and travel times for alternative routes.

To ease the inconvenience faced by regular Armadale Line passengers during the closure, commuters will receive six months of complimentary travel on the public transport network.

Several METRONET projects will be delivered during the line’s closure, including the Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal, the Byford Rail Extension and the new Thornlie-Cockburn Link.

The upgrades will see the train line elevated for 5.5 kilometres, seven new stations constructed, 13 level crossings removed and the line extended to Byford. The elevation will also result in the creation of approximately six hectares of new public open space.

The new Thornlie-Cockburn Link will establish Perth’s first east-west rail connection linking the Mandurah and Armadale Lines and deliver two new stations at Nicholson Road and Ranford Road.

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