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Contractor chosen for Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop East

Contractor chosen for Victoria's Suburban Rail Loop East

The Victorian Government has chosen CPB Contractors, a member of CIMIC Group, to deliver the first major tunnelling package on the Suburban Rail Loop East project, as part of the Suburban Connect consortium, alongside ACCIONA and Ghella.

The Victorian Government values the package at $3.6 billion, with CPB Contractors holding a 40 per cent share. It includes construction of a 16-kilometre section of the project’s 26-kilometre twin tunnels, involving tunnelling between Cheltenham and Glen Waverley, two new underground station boxes and construction works at the Southern Stabling Yard. These endeavours mark a crucial initial phase in the transformation of the city’s public transport network.

CIMIC Group executive chairman Juan Santamaria said CPB Contractors, with its extensive experience in complex construction, brings decades of expertise to the delivery of this first major package of Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East.

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“We are pleased to be selected by the Victorian Government to construct this valuable piece of infrastructure, improving the lives of people across east and south east Melbourne,” said Santamaria.

The SRL is poised to reduce travel times and alleviate congestion, effectively linking Victorians to crucial employment, health and education destinations in Melbourne’s east and south east.

CPB Contractors managing director Jason Spears said: “Working collaboratively with the Victorian Government and Suburban Rail Loop Authority, CPB Contractors is committed to supporting residents, local communities and businesses, by providing Victorians with every opportunity to benefit from the social, employment, skills and sustainability outcomes this project will create.”

Major tunnelling works are expected to commence in 2026.

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