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Commissioning of Lockyer Valley Correctional Centre to kick off in 2024

Commissioning of Lockyer Valley Correctional Centre to kick off in 2024

John Holland has announced that the commissioning of the Lockyer Valley Correctional Centre will commence in late 2024.

All building shells have been completed, which accounts for the major construction elements of the 1,536-bed Lockyer Valley Correctional Centre.

Queensland Minister for Fire and Disaster Recovery and Minister for Corrective Services Nikki Boyd assured that planning for the commissioning is well advanced.

“The important and intricate work of planning for the rolling commissioning of this 1,536-bed high security centre, including recruitment and training of more than 800 permanent, full time jobs is in full swing, with the first new custodial correctional officers graduating from the paid 10-week training program before Christmas,” said Minister Boyd.

Minister Boyd highlighted the Queensland Corrective Services’ (QCS) commitment to ensuring the centre’s prompt opening, with a focus on safety and security. The commissioning process will involve testing the infrastructure to ensure it meets safety and security standards before accepting prisoners.

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“At this stage it is anticipated prisoners will be received into the centre in late 2024 or early 2025,” she said. “It is critical not to compromise safety and security during this process.”

“Further information will be provided during the handover and commission phases.

“I am informed that QCS has undertaken comprehensive contingency planning to manage anticipated prisoner numbers during the intervening period, including the deployment of officers recruited for LVCC to a number of correctional centres, for further development and operational experience.

“The Queensland Government continues to look at strategies to help manage prisoner numbers to ensure the safety of correctional officers and the community.”

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