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BESIX Watpac approaches final stages of GPO Hotel Marriott project

BESIX Watpac approaches final stages of GPO Hotel Marriott project

The GPO Hotel Marriott has achieved a significant milestone in its construction journey, with the successful completion of its façade installation and signage, along with the removal of the tower crane.

The completion of the façade marks a crucial step in ensuring the watertightness of the main tower, a pivotal requirement for the final fit-out and the commencement of the building’s energisation and commissioning process.

Situated within the heritage-listed GPO building, the project is set to transform into South Australia’s first luxury Marriott International-operated hotel. Recognised for its structural ingenuity, the installation of the hotel’s façade and signage necessitated a strategic approach due to its unique design.

Andrew Esposito, project manager at BESIX Watpac, elaborated on the complexity of the façade installation, emphasising the meticulous alignment required for the distinct “scallop sections” attached to the glass exterior.

“Extensive planning and collaboration were instrumental in ensuring a successful installation,” said Esposito. “An exceptional, flawless level of alignment was necessary during the installation of each of the 1,092 individual façade panels.”

“Collaboration with our local construction partners Micos and Winfix was pivotal for achieving this milestone.”

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Another standout feature of the project was the locally fabricated building signage by Image Install, which presented a unique challenge due to the façade’s design.

“Most building signage is installed on a flat façade – with the GPO’s scallop sections, conventional signage placement was impractical,” explained Esposito. “We engineered a solution by cantilevering the sign off the building, supported by custom-designed vertical steel truss sections.”

“The pre-mounted lettering was installed using the tower crane and a specialist abseiler from the outside of the building – an entirely innovative approach to meet the architectural design requirements.”

With the façade’s completion, the main tower is now sealed against the elements, paving the way for the final stages of fit-out and commissioning processes. Upon completion, the hotel will span 16 levels and boast 285 rooms, including a presidential suite, club lounge, dining establishments, swimming pool, fitness centre and function rooms.

The outstanding result is a credit to the BESIX Watpac project team. From design management and planning to execution, the entire process adhered to the planned sequencing and methodology, ensuring a seamless transition from façade installation to fit-out commencement.

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