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Workhorse introduces new Stretch Range of workwear

Workhorse introduces new Stretch Range of workwear

Committed to the safety and wellbeing of construction workers, Blackwoods offers personalised guidance for selecting the right personal protective equipment and workwear tailored to individual job roles and working conditions.

Recognised across the construction industry, personal protective equipment (PPE) serves as the final line of defence against workplace hazards, especially pertinent within the demanding conditions of construction projects and Australia’s diverse climate. The critical importance of selecting the appropriate PPE for both task and environment cannot be overstated. That’s why Blackwoods’ exclusive brand, Workhorse, has introduced its new Stretch Range of workwear.

While in Europe, PPE apparel often utilises man-made fabrics for their ability to maintain fluorescent high-visibility properties, Australia’s harsh climate presents unique challenges. In such conditions, man-made fabrics can be uncomfortable and exacerbate heat for workers.

Safe Work Australia emphasises the necessity for businesses to adhere to work health and safety (WHS) standards regarding PPE, requiring the selection of PPE that fits properly, is comfortable, and is compatible with other protective gear.

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In light of this, Blackwoods highlights the advantages of high-visibility apparel chiefly made from cotton or natural fibres, despite the potential for faster fading over time. The benefits of enhanced worker comfort and the resultant boost in productivity outweigh the cost of more frequent replacements. In fact, Australia is the only country in the world that has specifications for high-visibility cotton workwear.

The Workhorse Stretch Range.
The Workhorse Stretch Range.

Maintaining the balance between comfort and safety becomes even more crucial when considering the threat of heat stress. Excessive heat can lead to a worker’s core temperature reaching dangerous levels, potentially resulting in organ failure or even death. Given the demanding, labour-intensive nature of construction work, compounded by Australia’s hot climate, construction workers face a heightened susceptibility to heat stress. Utilising breathable fabrics like cotton can serve as a valuable measure to alleviate this risk.

In Australia, balancing safety and comfort is imperative to ensure workers are adequately protected and comfortable. Experience has shown that workers are more inclined to use PPE correctly if it does not impede their movement or cause overheating.

The new Stretch Range of workwear from Blackwoods’ exclusive brand, Workhorse, takes all these factors into consideration. This range, made from 98 per cent natural cotton and two per cent elastane, is specifically designed with the Australian climate in mind.

It features underarm and upper back cooling vents and a sun collar extension to maximise worker comfort. Additionally, the ergonomic fit and elasticated waistband address the practical needs of construction workers, supporting a full range of motion essential for tasks involving bending, lifting and sustained physical activity.

Blackwoods’ commitment to supplying innovative PPE ensures that its products are not only compliant with safety standards but also enhance the overall work experience, contributing to higher compliance rates and a safer, more productive construction workforce in Australia.

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