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Revizto rollout reaps rewards for ADCO Constructions

Revizto rollout reaps rewards for ADCO Constructions

Through a strategic adoption of Revizto software, ADCO Constructions is enhancing project outcomes across its national portfolio, delivering added value to clients and optimising internal operations.

With an illustrious portfolio boasting nearly 4,000 completed buildings, ADCO Constructions (ADCO) is recognised for its adaptability, dedication to continuous improvement and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. Building on this legacy and embracing innovation, the company has implemented Revizto across its operations to enhance project outcomes.

Revizto, a building information modelling (BIM) collaboration software, utilises gaming technology and cloud solutions to provide a unified platform for 3D and 2D workflows, connecting contributors across platforms, model types and teams. It enables seamless communication among all project stakeholders, facilitating real-time coordination, automated clash detection and issue tracking throughout a project’s lifecycle.

ADCO began implementing Revizto several years ago on projects valued between $20 million and $60 million. The positive outcomes of this initial phase paved the way for its integration into larger projects, such as the Griffith Base Hospital Redevelopment – a $250 million endeavour situated in the Murrumbidgee region of New South Wales. Subsequently, as part of its digital engineering strategy emerging from the ADCO Leaders Program, the company secured an unlimited agreement with Revizto, enabling the technology’s implementation across all ADCO projects.

Elizabeth Creswell, state design manager for New South Wales at ADCO, reflects on the company’s digital engineering journey. She recalls that two years ago, ADCO set an ambitious goal of leading the industry in the digital engineering space, resulting in the Revizto rollout.

“As part of our digital engineering strategy developed in 2022, we evaluated the various software packages and digital engineering platforms that we were using, ultimately recognising Revizto as the optimal solution with the capacity to fulfill all our requirements,” says Creswell. “While digital engineering and modelling have long been integral to our projects, we were aware that a nationally standardised approach would improve consistency and efficiency.”

“Introducing Revizto has transformed this landscape, enabling us to uniformly train and upskill our teams on a cutting-edge platform. Having this unified, robust tool in place empowers our staff, consultants and subcontractors to utilise a standardised platform, enhancing collaboration and coordination at all levels of our projects.”

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Artist’s impression: ADCO Constructions is the appointed principal contractor for the new Clinical Services Building at the Griffith Base Hospital.
Artist’s impression: ADCO Constructions is the appointed principal contractor for the new Clinical Services Building at the Griffith Base Hospital.

Creswell highlights several reasons why Revizto stood out as the premier technology partner for ADCO, with the simplicity and ease of use of the technology being a major factor. Revizto empowers every member of the ADCO team, from site managers with varying levels of digital proficiency to BIM experts, by providing a user-friendly interface that allows them to seamlessly harness its capabilities.

“Establishing a standardised enterprise agreement with Revizto has also enabled us to extend platform access to all our consultants and trade partners,” she says. “From the beginning of a project, they are trained to use Revizto across their respective scopes of work.”

“We provide them with software licenses and training and consequently, with each project engagement, they acquire additional skills and knowledge – it’s not only upskilling our people but also the broader market.”

Furthermore, the versatility of Revizto across various devices enhances its utility. Revizto effortlessly accommodates the needs of ADCO’s site, project and design managers, whether they are in the office on a desktop computer or onsite with a tablet, underscoring its adaptability and accessibility.

Creswell notes, “The compatibility of Revizto also proved to be exceptional, facilitating the integration of models created in different platforms with relative ease.”

She also highlights its advanced functionality, which extends beyond basic usage. Revizto offers ADCO the opportunity to continually enhance its workflows over time with features such as advanced collaboration tools, clash detection capabilities and the potential for future integration with 4D, 5D and 6D applications.

Douglas Zuzic, ADCO’s chief information officer, echoes Creswell’s sentiments, also emphasising the effective implementation and rollout process.

“Signing the unlimited agreement has resulted in approximately 20 projects now using Revizto, marking a significant increase in traction,” says Zuzic. “Our proficiency in using Revizto applications has also improved.”

“The effectiveness of the rollout process was not solely attributed to the software but also to the accompanying guidelines, policies and procedures.

“As previously mentioned, the ability to use Revizto on tablets onsite, with 700 tablets across our fleet nationally, adds substantial value.”

Zuzic says that over the past decade, ADCO has progressively shifted from 2D CAD drawings to 3D modelling; the transition to digital engineering and high-quality models was inevitable. While some project teams within the company had already embraced this shift both in design and onsite, consolidating these practices nationally has helped take operations to the next level.

“Given the evolving landscape of our industry, it’s now uncommon to encounter a contractor on larger projects who isn’t utilising BIM models,” says Zuzic. “The key differentiator lies in how these technologies are rolled out and leveraged, aspects we are continuously refining.”

Guiding the initial implementation process was Ben Yee, design and BIM manager at ADCO. During this phase, ADCO began using Revizto on the Griffith Base Hospital Redevelopment, which is scheduled for completion in 2025. ADCO is the appointed principal contractor for the new purpose-built three-storey Clinical Services Building at the Griffith Base Hospital, which, once complete, will house all major health services under one roof.

“Revizto has proven instrumental in the successful delivery of this critical health infrastructure project,” says Yee. “With Revizto accessible on tablets, along with having access to all stamps or clashes, we can promptly identify and address any issues onsite.”

“One notable instance of the platform’s capabilities occurred during the construction phase, where Revizto’s clash detection feature detected a potential clash between a metal stud and a mechanical duct.

“By catching this discrepancy early, our project team avoided potentially costly and time-consuming rework. We have resolved thousands of such clashes using the model over the course of the Griffith Base Hospital Redevelopment.”

Reflecting on the evolution of ADCO’s digital capabilities, Yee adds, “It’s remarkable how far we’ve come, from our trade partners and clients lacking access to models to now having access, to being able to swiftly and accurately validate the placement of structural and services elements.”

Creswell adds that ADCO can integrate various add-ons into Revizto for its clients. For the Griffith Base Hospital Redevelopment, the project team utilised virtual reality, enabling the client to explore the hospital spaces before they were built – an invaluable asset for stakeholders who may struggle with traditional drawings. This also offered significant advantages to the furniture, fixtures and equipment process, which is often challenging to manage with drawings.

Another valuable aspect of the rollout, explains Creswell, was ADCO’s introspection into its practices. The company established baseline standards for digital engineering on every project, regardless of client requirements. While some clients demand sophisticated digital engineering, others may not have explicit needs in this regard.

“However, by setting our own standards, we ensure a consistent approach across all projects, maintaining a baseline process that guarantees efficiency and quality,” says Creswell.

With considerable success using the platform thus far, ADCO plans to further leverage Revizto to enhance its construction processes and outcomes. Given the software’s user-friendly interface, including features like clash detection, Revizto is poised to bolster ADCO’s internal capabilities.

“We are committed to continually enhancing the skillset of our teams and the broader market, both in terms of current Revizto functionality and its ongoing evolution with each new version,” says Creswell.

“Our focus will increasingly be on leveraging BIM for 4D visualisation, program alignment and refining our construction methodologies.

“When faced with complex construction methodologies or sequences, Revizto proves to be an invaluable tool. Therefore, we anticipate utilising our models more extensively in program development, integrating them with construction plans. Already, we have begun using our models for carbon measurement, aligning with the emerging mandates in New South Wales and across the country.”

From a strategic technology adoption perspective, Zuzic explains ADCO’s approach as twofold – identifying the technology’s potential in improving operational efficiency and adding value to clients. Revizto, he adds, exemplifies software that fulfills both these value propositions.

Revizto has overall enhanced ADCO’s operations, improving efficiency, bolstering internal digital engineering capabilities and minimising reliance on external consultants. Revizto facilitates deeper client engagement, providing them with detailed insights into sequencing and methodologies that were previously unavailable.

For ADCO, Revizto is more than just a software addition – it delivers tangible benefits. Drawing reviews have improved, potential issues are spotted early, safety meetings are streamlined, and costly errors have been reduced.

Reflecting on the widespread success of Revizto’s adoption, Yee underscores its role in fostering collaborative work across all disciplines and levels. Its user-friendly interface ensures seamless integration and cooperation among teams, granting site and delivery teams direct access to BIM. This, in turn, has fostered accountability regarding issues and provides visibility and transparency through Revizto’s dashboard reporting.

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