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Optimising construction workflows with Dropbox Sign for Procore

Optimising construction workflows with Dropbox Sign for Procore

Empowering users to seamlessly send, sign and track contracts within a single platform, the Dropbox Sign for Procore integration by TEAM IM is enhancing operational efficiency for construction businesses globally.

Formerly known as HelloSign, Dropbox Sign has streamlined the process of sending and requesting electronic signatures (e-signatures) for over a decade, strengthened by its integration with key technology partners. Now, Dropbox Sign seamlessly integrates with Procore, one of the industry’s leading construction management platforms.

Authorised Procore users can leverage the Dropbox Sign for Procore integration to efficiently select and send contracts, work orders and purchase orders, ensuring swift and secure document signing. This streamlined process, as noted by Volker Schaberg, chief technology officer at TEAM IM, saves contractors time, money and eliminates the burden of physical paperwork.

“The construction industry involves various stakeholders, including clients, main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers,” explains Schaberg. “Consider the intricate requirements of a project like constructing an apartment building.”

“The general contractor must collaborate with subcontractors for various services such as plumbing, framing, electrical work, heating, fire safety, security, excavation, concrete pouring and more.

“Each subcontractor is contracted for a specific scope of work, resulting in the generation of a multitude of documents, including specifications and contracts.”

The complexity of this process is underscored by the large amount of paperwork requiring signatures. In this context, e-signatures emerge as a highly beneficial tool within the construction industry, extending beyond subcontractors to include material suppliers and project owners, all of whom engage in contractual agreements.

TEAM IM, a long-standing partner of Dropbox Sign, has developed several integrations for the platform using its application programming interface (API). According to Schaberg, a critical factor in developing the Dropbox Sign for Procore integration was identifying the construction industry as the ideal customer, due to its mature market and volume of high-value documents that require sign-off.

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Image: Gorodenkoff/stock.adobe.com
Image: Gorodenkoff/stock.adobe.com

“Procore, as one of the leading construction management platforms globally, orchestrates the collection of all construction management information and documents that then result in contractual commitments,” says Schaberg. “With a vast customer base exceeding 16,000, Procore fosters a sizable community, making the integration of Dropbox Sign for Procore an optimal solution to enhance efficiencies across numerous construction enterprises.”

Traditionally, obtaining signatures in the construction industry involved physical paperwork and manual follow-ups. However, with Dropbox Sign for Procore, users can digitally manage the entire signing process within the Procore platform, reducing costs and saving time.

“Within Procore, project managers can track the progress of signings, eliminating the need for physical document chasing and ensuring contracts are executed promptly,” says Schaberg. “In essence, this integration empowers users to effortlessly send documents for signatures without ever leaving the Procore platform.”

Dropbox Sign for Procore issues requests for parties to digitally sign contracts or orders, with the fully executed versions automatically saved back into Procore. E-signatures streamline workflows by eliminating the need for printing, signing and scanning documents, reducing productivity waste and enhancing efficiency. Contractors can then focus on their projects without the hassle of manual document handling.

TEAM IM, in partnership with Dropbox Sign and Procore, continuously evolves the integration, with the latest release unveiled at Groundbreak 2023, Procore’s annual construction technology conference. This release leverages Procore’s new Side Panel functionality, showcasing TEAM IM’s commitment to innovation and seamless user experience.

The new feature enables customers to conveniently access third-party integrations within the Procore platform alongside their existing tools, without switching applications. Creating contracts or commitments within Procore remains as straightforward as ever, with the added convenience of initiating the signing process directly from the Side Panel. Monitoring signature requests is equally effortless within the Side Panel, which can be toggled open or closed adjacent to the item in view.

“Additionally, the Side Panel support is configurable, allowing customers to tailor it to be available for the specific Procore tools they need,” says Schaberg. “We’ve also integrated OAuth, a protocol facilitating third-party applications to authenticate with APIs.”

“This enhancement bolsters security and enables the transfer of the Procore requestor or signer’s identity to Dropbox, providing traceability to individual users within Dropbox Sign.”

TEAM IM actively seeks customer feedback to improve the product and remains open to incorporating new features that align with customers’ needs. Planned future developments of the Dropbox Sign for Procore integration include adding templates for personalised branding, enabling customers to customise the appearance of signature requests; as well as the ability to send reminders for signatures, providing users with more control over the signing process and further streamlining their workflow.

“We’re committed to ongoing collaboration with Procore and Dropbox to introduce new features and address customer needs,” says Schaberg. “The key is listening to our customers, understanding their priorities and continuously evolving the product to meet their goals.”

“We release updates regularly to ensure our cloud platform remains efficient and responsive to the dynamic needs of the construction industry.”

Among the beneficiaries of the product is DeMaria, a US-based construction company. In November 2023, DeMaria adopted the Dropbox Sign for Procore integration by TEAM IM, in an effort to counter the usability challenges encountered with the lack of Procore integration in other e-signature platforms they previously employed.

Aaron Tassell, vice president at DeMaria, says that after evaluating various options, the company found Dropbox Sign to be user-friendly, cost-effective and reliable. “The implementation process was seamless, with excellent support from the TEAM IM team,” says Tassell. “Since its rollout, our team hasn’t encountered any issues, and the user-friendly interface in Procore has facilitated smooth operations for our administrative and project management staff.”

“Setup and configuration took about 30 minutes, followed by a brief tutorial, allowing for a quick transition to the system without major hiccups.”

While it’s only been a few months since adopting the product, Tassell says that DeMaria has already noticed increased efficiency compared to its previous solution.

“Dropbox Sign for Procore not only offers cost savings but also appears to be more reliable,” he says. “While it’s still too early to provide comprehensive feedback, initial responses from our staff have been positive.”

The Dropbox Sign for Procore integration by TEAM IM is designed to cater to construction businesses of any scale, accommodating clients who manage anywhere from 500 signatures annually to those handling 50,000 or more. Its adaptability and scalability render it ideal for industry requirements, improving document and contract processing times by up to 80 per cent.

With contract completion rates accelerated by up to 96 per cent, the Dropbox Sign for Procore integration improves efficiency and minimises paper waste while bolstering security and document traceability.

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