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Motion Australia makes transformative move

Motion Australia makes transformative move

Motion Australia has transformed its collection of heritage brands into a unified powerhouse, combining global expertise, expansive scale and cutting-edge solutions to propel success throughout the nation’s industrial and engineering landscape.

In a strategic evolution, Motion Australia (Motion) has transitioned its established heritage brands to a unified line of service for the industrial and engineering sectors. With a legacy spanning over a century, the company now offers a comprehensive, streamlined suite of solutions for industry in Australia.

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience across various segments and roles at Motion, Jeff Mrak attests to the company’s continuous growth. He emphasises that this strategic realignment directly addresses the increasing customer demand for an industrial supply partner capable of providing the complete package.

“Over the past decade, the demands of the Australian construction and infrastructure sectors have undergone rapid transformation,” explains Mrak, marketing manager for customer insights and market research at Motion.”

“We are witnessing a surge in generational infrastructure projects, with a robust pipeline forecasted across the entire country.”

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Jeff Mrak, marketing manager for customer insights and market research at Motion. (Image: Motion)
Jeff Mrak, marketing manager for customer insights and market research at Motion. (Image: Motion)

Motion plays a pivotal role in sustaining the momentum of these projects, actively supporting and supplying products for contractors involved in tunnelling, hydro, infrastructure, rail and construction works across Australia. The company’s involvement extends from projects like Cross River Rail and Inland Rail to the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro, supporting numerous businesses essential for the successful execution of these large-scale construction and infrastructure endeavours.

Discussing the broader scope of the construction and infrastructure landscape, Mrak highlights the crucial support Motion provides to contractors across various sectors, catering to diverse segments within the construction industry.

“Motion is the trusted partner for businesses involved in developing power and energy solutions, manufacturing steel and timber, producing building materials and aggregates, recycling, and providing services in earthmoving, civil construction, road construction, mining, quarrying and water management,” he says. “We engage at a granular level, contributing significantly to componentry work, supply, servicing and repairs across multiple operations that feed into the complex requirements of these projects.”

“Our comprehensive product offerings from leading brands and engineering servicing and repair capabilities cover fluid power, bearings, hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings, power transmission, fastener solutions, tools and maintenance, sealing and specialised isolation gasketing, as well as lifting, rigging and safety and vending options as required – ensuring we meet the diverse needs of businesses contributing to the ongoing success of construction and infrastructure projects across the country.

“We also offer major repair capabilities such as repairing drill rigs, and can supply complete ex-stock drill rigs from our operations in Australia.

“With access to over 600,000 products in Australia and a global inventory exceeding 10 million items, we ensure our customers have access to the latest and most innovative solutions.”

As construction demands continue to rise, Motion recognises the complexities inherent in many large-scale infrastructure projects, often constrained by labour shortages and supply chain disruptions. Mrak emphasises the company’s commitment to working closely with customers and contractors to effectively address these challenges. Drawing on its extensive capabilities in industrial and engineering supply, the company actively engages with key project stakeholders to devise tailored solutions, ensuring the seamless fulfillment of project requirements. At the core of this effort is Motion’s expert team, wholly dedicated to providing leading, customised industrial engineering and product service solutions to keep customers and projects in motion.

Motion’s RTD32 drill rig. (Image: Motion)
Motion’s RTD32 drill rig. (Image: Motion)

“Our nationwide team is substantial, comprising specialists in specific product ranges and focused industrial segments – all with a shared commitment to guide customers toward optimal solutions,” says Mrak. “Further, we maintain a global network of suppliers that do an enormous amount of work in research and development, consistently driving product innovation and ensuring our continual access to the latest and most advanced solutions.”

Motion stands at the forefront of emerging solutions from its global manufacturing partners. The company’s mandate is not only to adopt these new approaches but also to educate its customers, ensuring their awareness of new products and fostering a proactive approach to advancements. These innovations contribute to project success on multiple fronts, ranging from products and services that maximise safety and minimise maintenance requirements to solutions that improve the uptime of onsite equipment.

“While there are numerous areas we can engage in, our focus is truly on comprehending the customer’s requirements, with a steadfast commitment to safety,” explains Mrak. “We serve as the conduit between ongoing developments and the practical needs of our clients.”

“We’ve built an organisation founded on fostering long-term relationships with customers, deeply understanding their evolving needs, and delivering solutions that not only facilitate the successful execution of current projects but also ensure sustained success into the future.”

Motion takes pride in its robust organisational structure and globally interconnected supply chain. Operating with diligence, the company strategically draws from a vast network of global suppliers, many of whom boast extensive manufacturing operations worldwide. This deliberate approach ensures that Motion remains agile and is not limited by dependency on a single supplier.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Motion’s dedication to sustaining operations and providing essential supplies was evident. Leveraging a diverse array of suppliers and supply opportunities, the company navigated challenges adeptly, ensuring major projects had access to critical resources. This capability extended beyond product availability, encompassing the mobilisation of expertise whenever required.

“The focus on infrastructure projects during this period underscores Motion’s commitment to supporting essential businesses and minimising disruptions in the supply chain,” says Mrak.

With over 200 locations, 12 state-of-the-art distribution centres equipped with modern technology and a network of 30 repair and service centres, Motion Asia Pacific is well-positioned to support the country’s largest contractors and projects on a national scale. Despite its expansive global reach, Motion prioritises local collaboration, forging close connections with on-the-ground teams across Australia, seamlessly harmonising its international capabilities with targeted implementation.

“Motion continues to strive to be the trusted partner for the Australian industrial landscape, contributing to the nation’s construction and infrastructure development,” says Mrak. “We’re reliable, we’re local, and we’re committed to ensuring our customers’ success.”

“When you partner with Motion, you partner with industry-leading solutions, tailored to keep you moving.”

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