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MEGATRANS 2024 helps build sustainable supply chains

MEGATRANS 2024 helps build sustainable supply chains

This September, industry leaders from across the supply chain will converge in Melbourne for MEGATRANS 2024, to deliberate on the future of the logistics landscape.

As Australia’s largest integrated conference and exhibition dedicated to the logistics industry, MEGATRANS brings together companies offering advanced technologies and services, categorised by their contributions to the sustainable supply chain.

Since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction sector has grappled with supply chain disruptions and material shortages, which have been exacerbated by global economic strains. Against this backdrop, the timing of MEGATRANS 2024 couldn’t be more opportune.

The pivotal role of transport visibility providers and consultants in streamlining the logistical flow of construction materials has been indispensable for maintaining the industry’s momentum during these trying times. The construction industry relies on the logistics sector to successfully coordinate materials and equipment, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. Without effective logistics, construction projects can face delays, increased costs and disruptions in workflow.

Among the forward-thinking exhibitors at MEGATRANS 2024 is CEVA Logistics (CEVA), a company committed to championing sustainable supply chains. Guy Meredith, CEVA’s managing director in Australia and New Zealand, highlights the company’s role in advancing sustainability initiatives that contribute to the broader economic landscape.

“As a global leader in third-party logistics, CEVA is committed to more sustainable logistics solutions, helping pave the way for low-carbon solutions and encouraging the shift toward more sustainable supply chains,” says Meredith.

“We are conscious of our responsibility to shape the supply chain of the future in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way in line with Australia’s best interests for the people and natural environment.”

CEVA Logistics in Australia offers a full spectrum of logistics services, supporting infrastructure projects and engineering procurement and construction projects to ensure smooth and efficient operations from start to finish.

Meredith underscores the inherent risks, substantial investments and complexity associated with construction logistics. “We are able to combine construction logistics with risk analysis and solution design to achieve high standards of operational excellence, ensuring customers’ quality, health, safety, security and environment (QHSSE) and compliance requirements are met,” he says.

“For example, CEVA manages the logistics required by an original equipment manufacturer to supply materials for the construction of a large grid-scale battery at the Eraring Power Station. We’re proud to support this important energy transition project in New South Wales, Australia.”

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CEVA Logistics in Australia offers a full spectrum of logistics services to support the momentum of large infrastructure projects for smooth and efficient operations from start to finish. (Image: CEVA Logistics)
CEVA Logistics in Australia offers a full spectrum of logistics services to support the momentum of large infrastructure projects for smooth and efficient operations from start to finish. (Image: CEVA Logistics)

Sustainability initiatives implemented by the logistics industry play a crucial role in helping construction customers reduce their Scope 3 emissions. As a freight forwarder, CEVA has relatively few assets and works with multiple suppliers to transport its customers’ goods by sea, air, road and rail. As contract logistics experts, the company operates warehouses, most of which are leased. CEVA is responsible for decarbonising its own assets, as well as encouraging its suppliers and subcontractors to invest in the technologies of tomorrow.

“In terms of materials storage for construction customers, CEVA has nearly 40 warehouses across Australia,” says Meredith. “All our new sites are rated 5-star Greenstar ratings, installed with LED lights, solar power systems, rainwater harvest systems and charging stations for electric vehicles.”

“Our operations are closely monitoring and tracking our recycling performance, working towards the goal of net-zero waste to landfill.

“For the delivery logistics of heavy machinery and building materials, CEVA’s sustainable procurement charter and low-carbon solutions help reduce harmful emissions.

“For ground, ocean and air transport, CEVA offers carbon visibility and carbon optimisation options, and in some cases, alternative energy and carbon offset solutions.”

Additionally, CEVA is investing in innovative design solutions aimed at optimising operational performance for its ground fleet. These solutions include intelligent routing, quantity forecasting, optimising truck space and reducing the number of deliveries. Moreover, information providing carbon visibility is available to customers through CEVA’s digital platform, myCEVA.

CEVA is a prime example of the sustainable excellence that will take centre stage at this year’s event. Showcasing cutting-edge technology, initiatives and services, MEGATRANS 2024, to be held on 18 and 19 September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, is poised to pave the way for a sustainable supply chain for Australia’s construction industry and beyond.

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