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Introducing Foundations and Frontiers

Introducing Foundations and Frontiers

This August, the Australian Constructors Association is gearing up to launch a ground-breaking event, Foundations and Frontiers, with the goal of influencing positive change and reshaping industry practices for the greater good.

By Jon Davies, CEO of the Australian Constructors Association.

There is a growing recognition that in its current form, the construction industry is not able to deliver the infrastructure and projects that are needed, when they are needed and at a price that can be afforded. The gap between the available workforce and the workforce needed is growing whilst productivity is stagnating and costs increasing. In a similar way to the threat posed by global warming, this is a matter of national importance that requires a coordinated national response.

Jon Davies, CEO of the Australian Constructors Association. (Image: Australian Constructors Association)
Jon Davies, CEO of the Australian Constructors Association. (Image: Australian Constructors Association)

To tackle these issues head-on, the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) is unveiling a ground-breaking event on 8 August 2024 at Doltone House in Sydney. It is called Foundations and Frontiers. You might be wondering, Foundations and Frontiers – why doesn’t it have the word construction in it? Well, this event is unique, and it is designed to stand out from the rest. In terms of significance, ‘foundations’ is symbolic of the rock-solid groundings of the industry while ‘frontiers’ represents our commitment to pushing boundaries.

In planning Foundations and Frontiers, two key considerations have been top of mind. First, we want attendees to leave our event feeling inspired and like they’ve learned something valuable. And secondly, that there is tangible change because of this event.

If we were to compare Foundations and Frontiers to anything, it will be like the new Conference of the Parties (COP) and the World Economic Forum, and it will be the first of its kind in the construction sector.

It is set to be the first truly tripartite annual forum for senior industry leaders including those from all corners of the industry, from the unions, and from both state and federal governments, to influence change. But this will not just be a leadership event. We want this event to be inclusive; we want all of the industry to see and be involved in what we think will be an event recognised for years to come.

Foundations and Frontiers will focus on four key themes: defining excellence and achieving it, shaping the future workforce focusing on skills and culture, ensuring financial sustainability and navigating the path towards a digital future. These discussions will take place in a unique setting, with plenary sessions held in the round, featuring TED-style keynote addresses and facilitated discussions involving VIP’s.

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Innovative engagement will be at the forefront, with an event app to enable real-time interaction. Attendees will be able to pose questions, participate in polls and engage in interactive chats displayed on screens throughout the venue. Simultaneously, the industry’s leaders will attend smaller facilitated discussions in breakout rooms, distilling insights into actionable outputs.

The event will offer a unique opportunity to be part of transformative change, influencing how the construction industry operates for the benefit of taxpayers, asset owners and those working within it. This will not be the usual highly scripted opportunity to preach from the pulpit. This event will be a platform for open, informed conversations, launching initiatives, sharing success stories and demonstrating commitment to positive change.

Foundations and Frontiers is truly one-of-a-kind, promising a dynamic space where ideas evolve into actions and progress is not just talked about but showcased. Teaming up with KPMG, the event aims to create an inclusive standalone experience, promising a day filled with insights and collaborative discussions.

Be part of the change. Join us at Foundations and Frontiers.

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