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BULK is back in 2024

BULK is back in 2024

The Australian Bulk Handling Expo is set to make its return in 2024, offering a dynamic platform for professionals in the bulk solids handling and construction industries to delve into and exchange innovative technological solutions.

The bulk solids handling industry, a linchpin of Australia’s economy encompassing many crucial commodities, plays a pivotal role in global security. Dedicated to presenting solutions for safeguarding the future of this vital sector, the Australian Bulk Handling Expo (BULK2024) is back this September.

At the heart of BULK2024 will be cutting‐edge technologies, taking centre stage to demonstrate their effectiveness in optimising efficiency and streamlining operations into the coming decade.

Serving as Australia’s only dedicated exhibition for the bulk solids handling industry, BULK2024 is slated to take place from 10am to 5pm, from 18 to 19 September 2024, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Bringing together esteemed companies and leaders from across the industry and supporting sectors, the event will provide a forum for professionals to connect, explore emerging technologies, leverage them to their advantage, and collaborate on further strategies to enhance operational efficiencies.

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BULK2022. (Image: Prime Creative Media)
BULK2022. (Image: Prime Creative Media)

In the construction sector, the bulk handling industry is instrumental in transporting substantial quantities of essential raw materials like aggregates, sand, gravel and cement to construction sites. These materials form the backbone of various construction projects, including roads, bridges, buildings and infrastructure.

Moreover, the construction industry heavily relies on specialised equipment such as conveyor systems, cranes and loaders for handling bulk materials. The continuous advancement of this equipment by the bulk handling industry contributes significantly to the overall progress of construction processes.

The seamless coordination between the bulk handling and construction industries is fundamental for the smooth execution of building and infrastructure projects, making BULK2024 an invaluable event for construction leaders and businesses seeking new ways to bolster their operations.

Lauren Chartres, BULK2024 show director, emphasises the event’s commitment to equipping the industry with essential tools for success. “In line with market feedback, this year’s show will focus on industry trends such as the future of automation,” says Chartres. “It will address key challenges currently faced by the industry, including skills shortages and an ageing workforce.”

The event is designed to empower those in heavy industry to move their products to where they are needed most, both on a national and global scale. It will feature an expansive trade show, spotlighting the latest industry solutions, and will host a two‐day informative conference discussing strategies for businesses to stay at the leading edge in a constantly changing world.

As bulk handling undergoes rapid transformations driven by technological advancements and the surge in automation, BULK2024 will pave the way for visionary businesses. It will accelerate the progress of not only the bulk handling industry but also the sectors it supports, propelling them toward success.

Registrations for BULK2024 are free. To attend, visit www.bulkhandlingexpo.com.au

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