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Big Chief Hire boosts fleet with IPS generator sets

Big Chief Hire boosts fleet with IPS generator sets

Through its established partnership with Isuzu Australia, Big Chief Hire has expanded its fleet by introducing Isuzu Power Solutions’ (IPS) generator sets, offering customers power they can count on.

Since its establishment in 2008, Big Chief Hire has taken the plant and equipment hire sector by storm, continuously upgrading and expanding its fleet to meet ever-growing market demand. With an inventory of excavators, loaders, graders, rollers, tippers and water carts, Big Chief Hire recently began diversifying into further solutions, building on its fleet with the introduction of IPS generator sets.

Established over 10 years ago in South Australia, Big Chief Hire continues to scale its operations, with branches now in Victoria and Queensland. Two years ago, Big Chief Hire launched its first branch in QLD, located in Ormeau. The company has now proudly introduced its brand-new branch in Southport, where it has successfully been serving the local community for over six months, solidifying its commitment to expanding its presence within the state.

Big Chief Hire has cultivated a robust partnership with IPS, stemming from its long-standing relationship with Northeast Isuzu in SA. Capitalising on its strong ties with Isuzu as its preferred truck supplier, Big Chief Hire reached out to Northeast Isuzu to explore the possibilities presented by IPS generator sets (gen sets).

Barry Nilon, hire controller at Big Chief Hire Australia, operates from the company’s recently established Southport branch. He notes that the branch has been progressively broadening its service offerings, to include access equipment like scissor lifts and IPS generator sets.

“Big Chief Hire has a strong partnership with Isuzu,” says Nilon. “Northeast Isuzu, a part of the Northeast Auto Group, serves as our primary supplier for a wide range of equipment.”

“This includes our entire fleet of trucks, comprising tippers and water carts, and now, generator sets.

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Barry Nilon, hire controller at Big Chief Hire Australia. (Image: Isuzu Power Solutions)
Barry Nilon, hire controller at Big Chief Hire Australia. (Image: Isuzu Power Solutions)

“Built upon our established relationship with Isuzu, Big Chief Hire had unwavering confidence in the quality of IPS’s offerings, making our decision to choose the brand for our generator sets a straightforward one.

“We consistently receive inquiries from customers who specifically request the Isuzu brand, underscoring its value as a trusted name in the industry.”

Big Chief Hire now hires out IPS gen sets in 20kVA and 37kVA through its branches across all three states. These generator sets have gained significant popularity in the construction industry, serving a wide range of applications, from powering machinery during jobsite setup and in remote locations to supplying power to portable buildings.

Construction sites require a reliable power source to efficiently operate machinery throughout a project’s lifecycle. Amid rising client expectations for on-time and on-budget project delivery, an efficient power source is essential onsite from day one. During the setup phase, this is usually accomplished through the use of portable equipment such as IPS gen sets available at Big Chief Hire.

Troy Lawson, senior sales manager for IPS at Isuzu Australia, points out that the generator sets’ popularity comes as no surprise, thanks to their ultra-quiet technology.

Noise pollution from machinery on construction sites is an enduring industry challenge. Occupational exposure to dangerous noise levels is a leading contributor to hearing impairment among workers in various industries. According to SafeWork NSW, the construction industry ranks as the second-highest sector reporting work-related hearing impairment, accounting for 17 per cent of the total workers’ compensation claims related to noise induced hearing loss.

“IPS’ generators set the industry standard with their ultra-quiet technology, achieved by channelling both incoming and outgoing air through a series of sound attenuated baffles,” says Lawson. “Our customers have been praising the quality, finish and durability of the gen sets – everyone says it’s a premium product.”

“Our generator sets are a genuine Isuzu product made in Japan, encompassing the engineering excellence and quality standards associated with Japanese craftsmanship, and genuine Isuzu DNA.”

All IPS generator sets are equipped with robust all-weather enclosures designed for long-lasting durability, featuring a weather-resistant powder-coated exterior and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel fasteners. These units come with an easily accessible emergency shutdown switch, ensuring a swift power cut-off when required. The built-in fuel tanks boast remote connection points and impressive fuel efficiency. Additionally, each generator incorporates ComAp InteliLite MRS16 Generator Controllers, providing comprehensive monitoring, protection and control capabilities.

The IPS GS020-PTY generator set at Big Chief Hire’s Southport branch. (Image: Isuzu Power Solutions)
The IPS GS020-PTY generator set at Big Chief Hire’s Southport branch. (Image: Isuzu Power Solutions)

Further, IPS generator sets are a genuine Isuzu product, supported by Isuzu’s reliable customer service, nationwide dealer network and long-standing reputation as a trusted manufacturer and supplier. If the generator sets encounter any issues or require routine maintenance, Isuzu’s dedicated teams and well-stocked parts are readily available across the country.

“Northeast Isuzu, backed by Isuzu’s extensive dealer network, stands firmly behind Big Chief Hire,” says Lawson. “We ensure seamless product availability for the company’s expanding fleet and evolving needs, coupled with comprehensive after-sales support to ensure Big Chief Hire’s ongoing success.”

Isuzu Australia’s dealer network plays a crucial role in equipping customers like Big Chief Hire for success. It offers a convenient, one-stop solution for servicing and parts, granting its customers peace of mind and assuring them of robust support when they choose an IPS generator set.

“The exceptional support and service, combined with the outstanding quality of IPS’s products, cement our commitment to a long-lasting partnership with Isuzu,” says Nilon. “Since introducing the generator sets this year, we’ve already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers.”

“These sets are valued for their silent operation, user-friendly design, compact size, and excellent fuel efficiency – everyone who has rented generator sets from us has spoken highly of them.”

The power equipment segment is a recent addition to Big Chief Hire’s business, and it is steadily expanding to align with the company’s ambitious goals. As part of its forthcoming expansion into NSW, including the launch of a new branch in Sydney, Big Chief Hire is eager to strengthen its collaboration with IPS and Isuzu by integrating a wider range of their equipment and machinery into its operations.

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