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A revolution in bulk handling

A revolution in bulk handling

The countdown has begun for the eagerly anticipated return of the Australian Bulk Handling Expo (BULK) in 2024.

This year, BULK promises to be more vibrant than ever, offering a vital platform for professionals connected to the bulk solids handling and construction sectors. Attendees will witness the industry’s evolution firsthand as BULK 2024 sets the stage for a ground-breaking showcase of innovative technological solutions.

Australia’s economy thrives on the back of the bulk solids handling industry, which plays a pivotal role in facilitating the movement of crucial commodities. Recognising its significance in maintaining global security and economic stability, BULK 2024 is poised to make its return this September.

With a mission to present forward-thinking solutions – and with a major focus on technology and automation – BULK 2024 aims to fortify the industry’s resilience and ensure a sustainable future. From advancements in conveyor systems to pioneering developments in crane technology, attendees can expect to be immersed in a world of innovation and progress.

The symbiotic relationship between the bulk handling and construction industries underscores the critical importance of events like BULK 2024. The bulk handling industry forms a crucial support for the construction sector by ensuring the efficient, cost-effective and timely movement of materials and equipment essential for building structures and infrastructure.

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A panel discussion at the 2022 Australian Bulk Handling Expo.
A panel discussion at the 2022 Australian Bulk Handling Expo.

Advancements in bulk handling technology can lead to cost savings for construction companies, by optimising material and equipment handling processes, reducing labour requirements and minimising waste, therefore lowering overall project costs. Further, advancements in bulk handling technologies, such as conveyor systems, automated material handling equipment and innovative storage solutions, improve the efficiency of material movement on construction sites.

Grydale is one of this year’s exhibitors eager to spotlight its inventive solutions for the bulk handling and construction sectors, demonstrating how its dust control solutions can not only help mitigate health, safety and environmental risks but also provide operational efficiencies and valuable by-products.

Lisa Andrews, business development manager at Grydale, expresses satisfaction with the company’s participation in the 2022 Australian Bulk Handling Expo, highlighting the positive impression of both the quantity and calibre of delegates in attendance.

“Following the success of last year’s expo, we are eager to participate in and support BULK 2024,” says Andrews. “We aim to showcase the latest advancements in dust control technology and share recent case studies in mining, quarrying and bulk material handling applications.”

With the increase in dust control regulations in construction and bulk handling, Grydale is committed to providing both industries with effective solutions to achieve compliance.

“As a company, Grydale is committed to innovation and continuing to invest in research and development to provide transformational technology, empowering the construction industry to protect the health and safety of workers and the environment, while remaining operationally competitive,” says Andrews.

“Our in-house engineering teams are working with clients to provide the right temporary and permanent dust control solutions, while our aftermarket service teams are supporting the ongoing efficiency of our solutions.”

Andrews emphasises that prioritising health, safety and environmental risk mitigation remains paramount for both the bulk handling and construction markets. Technological advancements are enabling the advanced monitoring, control and mitigation of these risks.

“Environmental, social and governance standards require companies to ensure they are working towards sustainable and energy efficient solutions,” says Andrews.

“As a manufacturer, we are committed to innovation, research and development to ensure our dust control and ventilation solutions can also support these key agendas and enable companies to report on the positive measures they are undertaking.

“We encourage BULK 2024 attendees from both the construction and bulk handling industries to speak with our experienced teams.

“Drop by our stand to learn how Grydale can deliver tailored dust control solutions, effectively mitigating risks while optimising operational efficiencies for your company.”

As professionals from across sectors converge to explore the latest advancements and exchange ideas, BULK 2024 promises to be a transformative event – one that sets the stage for a brighter, more resilient future for bulk handling and construction alike.

Date: 18-19 September 2024
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Registrations: Registrations for BULK are free. To attend, visit www.bulkhandlingexpo.com.au  

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