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NAWIC celebrates construction excellence in Queensland

NAWIC celebrates construction excellence in Queensland

The Queensland Awards for Excellence in Construction, hosted by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) in late 2023, marked a defining moment for the industry. NAWIC sheds light on the significance of the event, underscoring its transformative impact on the construction sector.

By the National Association of Women in Construction.

For a quarter of a century, the NAWIC Queensland Awards for Excellence in Construction has stood as the preeminent event in the state, an annual tribute to outstanding achievements in architecture, engineering and construction. Since its inception, this event has been a cornerstone of the construction industry in Queensland, providing a platform to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in collaboration, innovation, leadership and project management.

The awards process is a meticulous one, as nominations undergo thorough evaluation by a panel of distinguished judges each year. These judges, experts in their respective fields, carefully select the winning nominations based off their construction, project or initiative achievements and their contribution to the industry. The awards night has evolved into more than a recognition ceremony; it serves as an indicator of the industry’s progress and a testament to the collective pursuit of excellence and cultural change.

On 20 October 2023, the prestigious Royal International Convention Centre (RICC) in Brisbane played host to 850 industry professionals, including Minister Mick De Brenni, the Queensland Building Minister, government representatives, major and sub-contractors, suppliers, unions and guests – all gathering to applaud and honour the remarkable achievements of the year. This year we implemented an additional subcategory to recognise the contribution that small and medium enterprises provide to the construction industry and the inherent challenges they face.

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The theme for the night was ‘Growing Together’, an emblem of unity and inclusivity that underscored the significance of collective collaboration, knowledge sharing and the establishment of deeper connections within our community. The essence of this theme was brought to life through Rhan Hooper’s evocative Indigenous artwork. His powerful visual representation not only showcased the richness of Indigenous culture but also served as a profound expression of values and concepts aimed at fostering unity and growth within society. This artistic depiction resonated with the evening’s overarching message, emphasising the importance of embracing diversity and equity while promoting a better understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Furthermore, the influential presence and guidance of our esteemed first nations MC, Mundanara Bayles, added depth and authenticity to our event, infusing it with the wisdom and perspectives rooted in Indigenous heritage. Together, these elements beautifully encapsulated the spirit of ‘Growing Together’, promoting a collective journey towards a more inclusive and harmonious future.

NAWIC congratulates all the nominees and winners on their achievements and recognises them at the highest level as role models – you can’t be what you can’t see – and urges women to continue to nominate themselves and their peers for the awards in 2024. NAWIC extends its gratitude to sponsors whose support was integral to the event’s success. Our sponsors, who are committed to diversity and excellence, play a pivotal role in ensuring the continued success of the awards night and breaking gender bias in the construction industry. Hutchinson Builders has proudly been the naming rights sponsor for the awards for 25 years. NAWIC Queensland is also supported by a broad range of state and award sponsors including Multiplex, CPB Contractors, ADCO, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, AON, John Holland, McNab, TAFE Queensland, Acciona, Construction Skills Queensland, Corrs Chambers Wesgarth, the Queensland Government, Queensland University of Technology, Seymour Whyte, Stellar and Mirvac.

As we reflect on the past 25 years, we recognise not just the progress made, but also the journey ahead. The construction industry is evolving, and NAWIC stands at the forefront, steering this evolution toward a more equitable and inclusive future. The awards ceremony is a beacon, illuminating the path forward, celebrating achievements and inspiring the next generation of leaders to leave their mark on the construction industry in Queensland and beyond.

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