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MATES in Construction invites industry to trek for mental health

MATES in Construction invites industry to trek for mental health

In the pursuit of building a foundation for mental health and suicide prevention in the workplace, MATES in Construction is extending an invitation to adventurers and advocates alike to join a journey through the historic Kokoda Track.

The 96-kilometre trail in Papua New Guinea stands as a testament to the endurance and valour exhibited by Australian soldiers during the Kokoda Campaign in World War II. It’s a powerful engagement with history, offering trekkers the chance to ‘stand in history’ and honour the unwavering spirit of the Kokoda diggers.

This initiative is integral to MATES in Construction’s commitment to mental health, with participants raising over $1 million since 2014. These funds directly contribute to the organisation’s suicide prevention efforts and the promotion of mentally healthier workplaces.

Last year’s participants have shared impactful experiences, with Damian Hewat urging, “Don’t consider it, do it. It’s an experience of a lifetime that you will not regret.”

Mark Boyd reflects, “This challenge is a must to better understand ‘who you are’.”

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As MATES in Construction approaches a decade of treks, national CEO Chris Lockwood reinforces the initiative’s value, stating: “Every step taken on the Kokoda Track symbolises progress in shattering mental health stigmas.”

“It’s not only life-changing for participants but also lifesaving for those aided by the funds and awareness it generates. We invite everyone to join this inspiring expedition.”

Individuals from across Australia have already started signing up for this life-changing experience. Given the limited spots available, MATES in Construction is encouraging those interested to register promptly to secure their place.

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