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Future Workforce discussion paper released for FF24

Future Workforce discussion paper released for FF24

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has launched the second discussion paper for its new construction industry event, Foundations and Frontiers (FF24).

Setting the stage for the paper, which focuses on the future workforce, ACA CEO Jon Davies said, “At a time when industry productivity is at its lowest in 60 years, the demand for construction workers has never been higher.”

Davies highlighted the significant workforce imbalances the industry is facing.

“Just 12 per cent of the construction workforce are women, highlighting a significant underutilisation of half of the potential workforce, and more people are leaving the industry than joining it,” said Davies. “In the eyes of the next generation of workers, construction is an industry that is stuck in the past.”

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“If the construction industry is to survive and thrive, we need to find ways to attract more people into the industry, keep them in the industry for longer and deliver more projects with them when they are working.”

The Future Workforce paper delves into the themes of attraction, retention and productivity. Feedback from this paper will steer discussions at the FF24 event, set to take place in Sydney on 8 August 2024.

“FF24 is more than just a platform for discussing challenges; it is dedicated to finding solutions and improved ways of working together within the industry,” said Davies.

“We invite all stakeholders to engage with the questions in the discussion paper and help shape the future of Australia’s construction industry at #FF24.”

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