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ACA releases third paper for Foundations and Frontiers

ACA releases third paper for Foundations and Frontiers

The third paper, drawing attention to the financial health of the construction industry, has been released to inform discussions at Foundations and Frontiers in August 2024.

Recent reports indicate that the industry is facing significant financial challenges, which is alarming given its crucial role in the economy.

Australian Constructors Association CEO Jon Davies emphasised that this crisis affects all sectors and extends throughout the entire supply chain.

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“The industry’s poor financial returns make it difficult for construction companies to invest in new technology, reduce carbon emissions and train new workers,” said Davies.

“Financial stress also leads to a negative work environment, resulting in more people leaving the industry than joining and higher rates of worker suicides.

“Now is the time to act. Improving the financial stability of the construction industry is crucial for innovation, attracting new talent and ensuring a sustainable future.”

Foundations and Frontiers invites everyone interested in the construction industry to join the conversation and share their ideas. Submissions can be made in writing through the Foundations and Frontiers website by 3pm on Friday 5 July 2024.

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